I emailed the devs of my game hyperfixation about how much I love their game

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15 Nov 2023 I emailed the devs of my game hyperfixation about how much I love their game… 🫣

Let’s see if they respond or not. I poured my soul into the email and it was pretty anxiety inducing but hey I did it

16 Nov 2023: UPDATE

Guess what… they responded :D

One of the two devs responded to my email saying it was really heartening to read first thing in the morning :) he also mentioned that he’s been designing more plushies for the game, and that they’re always be a future for the game with fans like me.

That made my day 🥰 I would hang it up on my wall if I could! I love this game and the devs are awesome! :D

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My Boyfriend is a Nurse

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15 Oct 2015: I [30F] am a doctor. My boyfriend [29M] of 1.5 yrs is a nurse. My dad’s [50M] wife [48F] of 4 years continuously makes fun of my boyfriend for his profession and I’m tired of it.

My parents had me really young, and my mom split when I was 3, so it’s only been me and my dad. My dad is an only child, and his dad died when he was in school and my grandmother passed when I was 10. My dad is truly one of the most incredible people ever; he raised me more or less on his own and sacrificed so much for me to be where I am today.

I met my boyfriend my last year of residency; he was a nurse (in a different unit) and we met in the cafeteria. One thing led to another, and here we are. I’m a hospitalist in a different hospital now but he still works at the same place. We moved in together about three months ago and I truly do see myself spending the rest of my life with this man.

Anyway–my dad didn’t date at all when I was growing up, really, but when I was in college he met Cindy (a divorcee with no kids) through a friend of his. They started dating around 10 years ago and got married 4 years ago. I’ve always gotten along with Cindy; I consider her a very close older friend (I was simultaneously maid of honor/best man” at their wedding) and I think she’s a wonderful partner for my dad.

My dad LOVES my boyfriend, they often hang out without me (which is totally cool) and Cindy did as well, at first at least. For the past six months or so she’s made some really pejorative comments about my boyfriend being a nurse, him being the woman” in the relationship (FWIW, my boyfriend is 6′4, muscled, bearded…he’s basically the epitome of masculinity) just because he’s a nurse. My bf laughed off the comments at first, and explained why he went into nursing rather than being a doctor (nurses work more with patients than doctors do, and he’s a very nurturing person by nature), but Cindy has just not let up. i really don’t think my bf is bothered by this, but I definitely am. I think it’s disrespectful and her archaic views of men’s/women’s work” are not appreciated. I can tell my dad gets pissed off about it too; once he told Cindy to just shut up (in gentler terms) when she kept “joking” about it. She always defends herself as just joking” but like………it’s not fucking funny. I’ve talked to my dad about it and he agrees that it isn’t cool, but he just goes on about how she doesn’t mean any harm or whatever. My boyfriend is adamant that it doesn’t bother him but still. I just think it’s so disrespectful. How do I talk to Cindy about this in a way so she’ll stop? Because honestly if it continues, I’m going to cut back on spending time/seeing her, even though it’ll definitely hurt my dad (which is something I don’t want to do)

tl;dr: My dad’s wife makes fun of my boyfriend for being a nurse; how do I talk to her about this without ruining our relationship?

20 Nov 2015: UPDATE

My first post blew up in a way I didn’t expect it to, but I wanted to thank you all for your advice. You gave me a lot to think about so when it came time to talk to Cindy, I wouldn’t trip over my words or anything.

I took her out to lunch yesterday (Sunday), and just very matter-of-factly told her how I was tired of her disparaging my bf, how I was tired of her putting down nursing as a profession and dismissing it just as women’s work”, and finally told her that despite her insistence that she was just joking, I found her jokes” offensive and was done with hearing them. I made it very clear that my boyfriend hadn’t sent me to defend him but that I was the one who was offended and tired of it.

She started to cry a little (which was alarming) and broke down and told me why she was doing what she was doing. Apparently, long story short, in her first marriage, Cindy’s income was more than double of that of her husband. After a year or so of marriage, he quit his job and ended up just mooching off of her. He became incredibly emotionally abusive and ruined her financially until she was able to get out and leave him. Basically–she was nervous that the same would happen to me, and she hoped that her jokes” would sway my opinion enough to leave my bf.

I was kind of ??????? about her explanation, but she told me that she knew the jokes were childish and offensive, but she didn’t know how else to go about it. She said that I was the closest thing to a daughter she had, and that she loves me very much and that she felt awful about everything.

I started getting teary at this, and I told her that the jokes especially hurt from her because she’s someone I care deeply for, and she apologized profusely for having offended/hurting me. She said she really thought my boyfriend was a nice guy and that she wanted to get to know him better, which thrilled me.

I went home, told my boyfriend (who didn’t know why I was gone, I wanted to be covert about it), and he was thrilled. He told me that secretly he WAS upset about the jokes, as he knew that Cindy was someone I cared a lot for, but put on a game face because he didn’t want to drive a wedge in between us. He told me he loved me, and thanked me for standing up for him, and said he’s looking forward to getting to know Cindy better too! And my dad is over the moon as well :)

Thank you for your advice, all! <3 Communication really is key.

tl;dr: Cindy and I talked, she apologized, my boyfriend is happy, my dad is happy, and my family is the best :)

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I just washed my daughter’s phone. She died in 2018.

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30 May 2020: I just washed my daughter’s phone. She died in 2018.

I am so fucking upset and so MAD at myself. My husbands phone was all messed up so he has been using our late daughter’s phone. I havent been able to bring myself to cancel her number so when his died, he started using hers. Hes been so careful with it. Today I did laundry and I swear i checked the pockets but when my husband put them in the dryer, he found her phone.

All her pictures. All her texts. She was 8 and died of cancer, we got the phone for her when she was diagnosed. She only lived 6 months after diagnosis.

I didnt back anything up. I dont know why. I wasnt ready, I guess. I am so mad at myself and there is nothing I can do. I am so sad

30 May 2020: UPDATE

About a month ago, I posted about putting my late daughter’s phone through the wash. She passed away in 2018 after diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. She was only 8 years old.

I was absolutely devastated at the time, and you all were so kind, and really helped me calm down that night. After taking the advice from people here, I put it in rice and didn’t touch it for over a month. I am so happy to report that I tried it for the first time today, and the phone works perfectly! All pictures and data are there. I am backing it all up today! I am so happy to have a little piece of her back.

I hope this brought someone a smile today, I know it makes me smile thinking about all the people out there finding a bit of joy in memory of my sweet angel daughter.

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My neighbor is mad I am legally allowed to smoke weed.

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11 Aug 2023: My neighbor is mad I am legally allowed to smoke weed.

Weed is now legal recreationally in my state, yay! We’re one of the states that allows public smoking, unless a town/city has ordinances against it (my town doesn’t).

I was smoking in my front porch the other day, happy as can be that I can smoke and not feel worried about being seen. Then my neighbor comes out, sees me, and goes off. She starts screaming to her husband that the state is gonna go to shit now because of legal weed, saying I shouldn’t be allowed to smoke in my porch.

I just laughed and pretended like she wasn’t there. She wanted to come yell at me, but her husband told her no and to leave it alone because it’s legal and they can’t do anything about it.

Our poor children are gonna grow up thinking weed is okay!!”

Like, c’mon lady 😂🙄

The next day, she saw me smoking again and decided to walk over to give me a lecture on why weed is bad and how sad she is that I’m not choosing to be more discreet. She said she was gonna call the cops, so I simply explained the law to her and told her she might wanna look it up. So she did, which made her more mad. She didn’t say anything else, just walked back to her house.

Now I hear her in her house screaming and crying about how fucked up the state is, saying she wants to move states immediately.

Why is this lady having a full blown panic attack over me smoking some green in my fucking porch? 🤣

UPDATE: Her husband walked over this morning to talk to me!

He told me that they decided to look up some more stuff about weed last night to understand more about it. I guess her parents raised her to think weed was a hard drug as if it were meth or heroin.

He then asked me if it was alright that she come talk to me later, I told him that was fine, so we shall see what she says later today 😆

UPDATE #2: I just wanted to add this before the update - The morning she saw me smoking was when I was using my bong, so it was quite obvious it was weed 😆

Anyways, back to the update! She came over to my yard to talk this evening.

She apologized to me right away. Told me she was embarrassed, and said she was raised to think it was a hard drug, so she did research (thanks to her husband) and realized it wasn’t as bad as her parents made it seem.

I asked her if she could smell it from her house, and she told me she has never smelt it and thanked me for keeping my windows shut and for not smoking in front of the kids. I told her I’d continue to keep em’ shut and smoke out of sight, but she told me (shockingly) that I’m allowed to do what I want and I should be able to open them. (I’m still gonna keep them shut tbh lol)

She just didn’t want her kids to see me and think it is okay to do, but she promised she was going to teach her kids what its used for, when it should be used, and who can use it. She understands now that it isn’t bad. She said she doesn’t necessarily like it and needs time to adjust, but at least she understands.

I said No pressure, but if you ever want to try it, I’m willing to share.” She laughed and told me she’d keep that in mind 😁

I did not expect it to turn out this way at all, but I’m glad she came and apologized, and that we talked it out. And who knows, maybe one day she’ll come ask me for a rip, we’ll see! Thanks for everyone’s comments!

19 Aug 2023: UPDATE

GUYS! My neighbor smoked with me for her first time last night!!

She asked to come by because she had more questions, I answered them, and then I said My offer still stands”, and then she told me she’d take a little hit off my bowl.

My god, this woman coughed SO HARD😂 Immediately she looked at me and said (while coughing up a lung) How could I have been against this my whole life?! I haven’t felt this good in a long time!” We talked some more, she explained more about her childhood. And it made me quite sad for her, it explained so much about why she reacted the way she did.

Then before she left, I asked her if she wanted some edibles to try. She hesitated but said That sounds fun”, I gave her a tiny, tiny dose and told her to let me know how that goes for her😁

I’m so glad things turned out this way! Hopefully we have more smoke seshes together!

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I’d like to invite you guys to a private screening of No Way Home

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30 Dec 2021: I’d like to invite you guys to a private screening of No Way Home.

Good evening Miami, i’d like to invite you guys to a private screening of Spiderman: No Way Home on January 1st at AMC Sunset Place at 4:00PM.

The movie has been out for a couple of weeks by this point, but if you haven’t seen it yet, or if you just want to rewatch it, then here’s your chance!

The showing has already been booked, so all you have to do is show up by 3:45PM on Saturday. The limit of people that can attend is 40, so to keep this a little organized, please drop a comment or shoot me a PM.

Thanks everyone, hope to see you guys there! :)


10:43PM EDIT: Hey guys, so far i counted around 22 people, we’ve got some room left but i’ll need PMs from now on so i can address you guys individually. Thanks everyone, and good night! :)

12/30 4:08PM EDIT: Hey guys, I just addressed the last of the PMs that can fit, unfortunately there’s no more room left for new people. Everyone that dropped a comment explicitly expressing interest has a spot for them, and I will be sending those comments PMs to confirm their attendance! If someone drops out/doesn’t confirm their attendance by tomorrow evening, then i’ll post up an availability, so check on this post tomorrow evening for any updates! Thanks so much for all of the positive comments and PMs, and I can’t wait to host another one of these soon.

1/1 11:05AM EDIT: Hi everyone, if you came back to this post over the last couple days, disregard my previous edit, i haven’t messaged anyone (i forgot lol), so if you didn’t get a message, don’t worry! you’re still good unless you tell me otherwise. i’ll see you all today! look for someone in an off-white (the brand) hoodie (wearing something that will help point out the host in a sea of randoms!)

1/1 3:43PM EDIT: Movie time! i’m outside waiting! :)




Who else is going? Did you rent it for yourself just so you could do the reddit meetup? cool idea might go!


pretty much! i felt like this would be a good way to start the new year, hope to see you there!

13 March 2022: I’m back for ANOTHER private showing! This time it’ll be The Batman!

I had fun hosting a private showing last time, and I’d like to do it again, so here we are with The Batman. It’ll be shown at AMC Sunset on Saturday March 19th, at 8:30PM.

This time it’ll be on a first come first serve basis, so try to arrive around 15 minutes before show time.

If you arrive after the movie time starts, just let someone know at the ticket booth that you’re there for a reddit meetup.

Thanks guys, i’ll see you at the movies! :)


8:32pm UPDATE: Not sure if anyone will read this update but i’m already inside, so go inside and ask about the reddit meetup and they’ll direct you to the movie theater, thanks again guys :)


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What To Do When You Suspect Your Child Is Speech Delayed

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Jun 2009: What To Do When You Suspect Your Child Is Speech Delayed


I have read your blogs for months, and I find them to be spectacularly hilarious and full of good advice. I wuv yoo! Anywhoodles, here’s my question…I have a daughter who is 13 months old. While other babies can at least say Mama and Dada, she can’t. She babbles away constantly, and has seemed to master the word YAH!”. (Which, I’ll admit comes in handy if I want my SO to agree with me. I just ask if she thinks it’s a good idea, and she says Yah.” From the mouths of babes….) Problem is…That’s the only word she knows, (except for mimicking Mommy’s use of the F” word…) and she can’t associate words with people or actions. I’ve tried asking, Up? You want up? UP?!” when she’s holding her arms out, but she doesn’t seem to get it. She can’t associate the two. While most toddlers can at least say Mama & Dada and associate their parents with the words, she can’t. My SO and I talk to her constantly, even if it’s explaining that I’m chopping vegetables for dinner. Point it, we talk to her all the time. I read somewhere to say the words she says back to her, and say things like, Oh really? That’s so interesting, what else?” And we do that, but she’s just not getting it.

I read in your blog that Noah was/is speech delayed…So, is there something we can do to help her? Is there a way to tell if your child is definitely speech delayed? She’s on track with every other area of development, like motor skills…BTW, we’re kinda broke right now, so please tell me that’s there’s something we can do besides some expensive test.
Thank you, O Wise One of the Internets, One that I worship.
Freaked The F Out

7 Oct 2009: Dealing with Developmental-Delay Deniers


I wrote to you some months ago suspecting my daughter has a speech delay. Well, I had her tested and, yeah. She’s 17 months old as of today and she has the speech abilities of a 4 month old, based on the initial assessment. They’re going to do a more in depth evaluation, and the coordinator cautioned, Now, that number might go up to, say, 6 months. But don’t expect it to magically creep up to 12 months or anything.” But she’s laid out some wonderful programs that are available to help her, and I’m going to tackle the problem head on and whip its ass.

I’m devastated. I cried for twenty minutes after the coordinator left our house. This is my baby girl, my heart, my soul, my everything. The problem I’m having is my boyfriend. He went on to tell me that See? She’s not delayed! That number will go up and you’ll see she’s just fine. Why, my son [previous marriage] didn’t talk at all until he was two!” My first instinct is to scream at the top of my lungs SHE IS NOT FINE, DAMMIT! The next person who tells me again that she’s fine gets my foot across their mouth! The assessor said she’s not fine, and quit comparing her to your kids! If your son couldn’t talk until he was two, why didn’t you do something?!” But, I know he’s just trying to make me feel better and in his own way telling me it’ll be alright, so I just clamp my maw shut. He just doesn’t seem to think there’s anything wrong with her, and it’s driving me crazy. He has said IF she’s delayed (if?! Hello! She IS delayed, gahhh!) then he’s on board with speech therapy, but that he still doesn’t think there’s a thing wrong with her. His family also shares his views, and because they’re both nurses, brush me off, all superior-like.

How do I convince the three of them that once and for freaking all SHE. IS. NOT. FINE? I really, really want to smack the next person who tells me that but alas, it’s not polite and might even be illegal. I feel like it’s an insult to me, my child, and the wonderful people helping us when they tell me that.
Thanks, and BTW — I just want to say you’ve big a BIIIIG help and a BIIIIG inspiration to me.

Thank you!


25 Dec 2010: Update

Well hello there, gorgeous!

Several months ago, you and your commenters helped me with two MAJOR hurdles in my life: finding out that my daughter WAS speech delayed, and dealing with the people who didn’t want to believe it.

Thanks to YOUR column and YOUR readers, I was able to more or less convince the nay-sayers that my daughter needed help. (My in-laws still think she just magically caught up. Whatevs.) I also bucked up, quit whining about it, and got her enrolled in some pretty intensive speech therapy. Twice a week, every week for six months. Her therapists are nothing short of AWESOME, and when her therapy concluded I bought them both flowers and coffee. I would’ve bought them the moon if I could, I was so grateful and happy.

Amy, she not only CAUGHT UP, she’s ADVANCED. Chloe is just over 2 ½ right now, and she’ll occasionally speak in full sentences. She’s learning to count. She’s just…Wow. She’s amazing me everyday. The best part is now she can tell me, I love you, Mimi.” As any Mother can grasp, hearing her say those words when just a short time ago she couldn’t even call me Mimi…Well, I tear up and it melts my heart.

If it hadn’t been for me stumbling upon your blogs, this would have never been set in motion.

Thank you and thank your readers for all of the stupendous advice and support. I am forever in your debt.

Thank you again and MERRY CHRISTMAS!



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