Asking the girl out at my dentist office

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26 Jan 2023: Asking the girl out at my dentist office.

I started going to a new dentist office a little over a year ago as my other dentist office closed. I had to have a couple procedures so I’ve probably been 8 times. Well, there’s this girl that takes your payment at the end. She’s really cute, we seem to have a lot in common and we chit chat about stuff not dental related. I told myself that the next appointment I had I was going to ask her out. Well I had my wisdom teeth removed at the last appointment and couldn’t talk well and I didn’t want to ask and it come out like garble garble garble. So I didn’t ask her out. Now my question is what should I do? Should I wait until my next appointment to ask her. Which I really dont want to wait that long. Or would it be ok to add her on social media and ask her through message?

Edit: to people saying don’t approach a girl thats working” I wouldnt have been born if my dad had taken that advice. My sister met her husband when he came into shoneys where she was a waitress they have been married 30 years. My best friend met his wife at a corner store she worked at they celebrate 10 years of marriage next month. So the whole they are being nice because they have to is bullshit.

22 July 2023: Take the advice you receive here with a grain of salt update

I came here 6 months ago to ask if I should ask the girl at my dentist office that I thought was interested out. Everyone said no Shes just being professional, she’s just nice, etc., So I didn’t, well she added me on Facebook and we started talking and ended up going on a date last night and she mentioned she couldn’t believe how oblivious I was to her advances, she said she thought she was doing a pretty good job at making it obvious she was interested.


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October 27, 2023