Quit smoking yesterday and am really dizzy

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20 Sept 2020: Quit Smoking yesterday and am really dizzy

I’m new so I hope it’s ok to ask this here - did anyone else get really dizzy when they first gave up smoking? My taste is also all over the place, things taste burnt. Is this normal? I can’t recall feeling like this the last bazillion times I’ve quit.

Also thanks for the recommendation of the Smoke Free app, the statistics are really great. Apparently my carbon monoxide levels are now normal, I never knew that was a thing.

22 September 2020: I’m hanging in there…. I hope everyone else is too

Time smoke free: 3 days 8 min

24 September 2020:Smoking in movies & tv shows is no longer a thing….. until I gave up smoking (of course!)

So I thought I’d watch a little Father Brown (2013+) except one of the characters smokes, a lot. I’d never noticed before.

I’d heard great things about the miniseries Des (this year) and every man and their dog is chain-smoking! Ok - not the dog but I’m pretty sure that’s only because it died. It’s an excellent show but I wouldn’t watch it week 1 of quitting smoking.

I’m at Day 5; 7 hours and am still quite twitchy. I thought once I got past day 3 it would be better.

26 September 2020: I made it - one week without a ciggie. I hope everyone else is doing well too.

31 October 2023: I can’t believe I’ve done it. Thank you for all the support on this sub as you’ve helped immensely

1000 hours smoke free

13 November 2023:I was reminded today how bad I used to smell and realised I’ve saved 10 grand!

I was out today and there was young man who reeked of smoke! It was nauseating! It’s been a while since I noticed someone smelling of smoke and it was like a punch to the nose. I think I’m becoming very intolerant of the smell.

It reminded me to check my stats.

10m; 17d & 7h which equates to 5765 cigarettes or >$10,031.76 Australian. 10 grand, how insane is that? And the price per pack has increased a couple of times since I quit so it would be more.

19 Sept 2021: I did it! I actually made it a whole year!

1000 hours smoke free

19 September 2022: 2 Year Anniversary!! I’ve saved over $22K

19 Sept 2023: 3 Years! I didn’t think I could do it but you guys helped

During the early days I spent a fair amount of time on here getting support and cheered on. I really needed it and it really helped.

Today I am 3 years smoke free! I rarely think about it now. I rarely get cravings and when I do they’re half hearted and more amusing than tempting.

Good luck for everyone on their quitting journey!


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October 28, 2023