Can crows recognize someone in a Halloween costume?

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7 Oct 2017: Can crows recognize someone in a Halloween costume?

I’m probably way in over my head with this, but I’m trying to see if I can call some of the crows I’ve made friends with, while I’m in my Halloween costume; a plague doctor. If I were to go to the spot where I usually feed them, with a bag I always bring, and make the sound that lets them know I’m there to feed them, will they recognize me?

Yet again, I’m probably overestimating just how smart crows are, but the image of a plague doctor summoning crows on a Halloween evening is just too badass for me to ignore.

26 Oct. 2019: Can crows recognize someone in a Halloween costume? Update

I’m trying to see if crows would recognize me if I was in my Halloween Costume, a Plague Doctor, so I’ve gone out to feed them while wearing parts of the outfit.

I was worried about the mask part, since I thought they might see it as a dead crow, or just see me as a shape-shifting monster, since they recognize faces so well. I put on the mask in front of them, put out their food, made my food call sound, and they still trusted me enough to go eat some.

In fact, I think they trusted me even more with the mask since one of them went closer to me, past the food. I think seeing a bird-like face makes them more comfortable to be around the wearer.


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October 31, 2023