Y’all Have Inspired Me To Buy A Slow-Cooker

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11 June 2019: Y’all have inspired me to get a slow cooker. I would be cooking for just me. Any recommendations on brand and size? This is all new to me, so thanks in advance for your help!

No text. Click through above link for lively discussion of the merits of slow cookers vs pressure cookers.

12 July 2019: Update on Slow Cooker/InstaPot

This is crazy. I work at a church in Congregational Care (like when someone dies or is in the hospital or just needs a shoulder). We’re a friendly bunch who genuinely like each other - which is why I found myself asking about their own experiences. And THEN our secretary told me she had given one to her mom and they were still busy cleaning out the house and they found a brand new Crock Pot brand that sautés, slow cooks, and express cooks and cooks rice. Her mom had never taken it out of the box! It was still taped shut!

Our secretary lives close by, so she ran home and got it. People, it was in the box and had never been used! So they just gave it to me with big hugs. The sec’s mom and I had had a great relationship / I spoke at her funeral, etc, I tried to offer payment or make a donation somewhere, but they weren’t having that. Sec said You know Mom adored you, and I can’t think of anyone she would be more excited to have it”

So I got a brand new crockpot - WITH a removable piece for easier cleaning (see, I was listening!) - and I will remember my hilarious friend Betty when I use it. I’ve named the Crock Pot Betty.

So now I’m really fired up to use it! I can’t start till the weekend, but have tons of your recipes and can find more. I’m SO appreciative of the whole family.

And I’m appreciative of all of your tips and thoughts so I was ready to know what I needed/wanted. I’m shocked that I’m so excited about it, but there you go!


August 10, 2023