The game”… what are the rules?

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7 Apr 2017: The game”… what are the rules?

I’m new to dating again. After 12 (really 14 years) of back to back relationships, I’m now single again.

Went on a couple of dates with someone one Tinder, had sex twice, then I think I texted too much. Made the effort to hang out multiple times in a row and probably turned her off. I liked her, but no biggies, I wasn’t gaga.

But since I’m new to this. What’s the game here? What are the rules? For this one, I said fuck it, I’m going to try and set up dates cause I like her’. But that clearly failed.

26 Mar 2019: Hilarious update

So about a year ago, I posted about a Tinder date ghosting me after 2 great dates. We had had sex, great chemistry, then all of a sudden she went super cold and stopped making an effort. After a month of pursuing her, I gave up.

Fast forward to last August, where she texted me apologizing. At the time she had just been out of a 10+ year relationship and emotionally was fucked up. She asked if we could go out again, now that she was ready.

We’ve now been dating for 8 months and it’s going well.

You never know what’s going on with someone. Chances are if someone ghosts you out of the blue, it has more to do with them and their life than yours!


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October 20, 2023