Rent is too damn high in Austin

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29 Jul 2023: Rent is too damn high in Austin

This post is an image of a piece of lined paper torn from a spiral notebook, handwritten:


I am an 83 year old single male. Looking for a place or room to rent by the month. My needs are very few. I will share bathroom facilities as is necessary. I have my own mini refrigerator, my own microwave oven, and the few dishes needed. I do not own a car and that is my reason to move to a place closer to a bus stop.

Despite my age I am not a burden and get by without assistance. My only problem is transportation.

My social security and my food stamp benefits are adequate. It is the high rents that I simply cannot afford. I need a place at no higher than $400 per month. Please call Robert at (WITHHELD) if you can help.

Thank you.


This was posted at the laundromat near Stassney and South First. Makes me sad that even old timers have to struggle to find a room. For more information on how to help, please visit my profile page.

Edit: Thanks for all the attention for Robert. I will continue to share his contact info with anyone who may have resources (PM me please). I also created a Go Fund Me, but the mods informed me that sharing the link violates r/austin rules. Not sure how to proceed with that. Anybody Reddit savvy have ideas? Thanks for all your concern and kind words. Hopefully we can help get Robert into a better situation.

Update: I spoke with Robert (suuuuuper sweet guy) and mentioned that I had shared his story and contact information with some people who might be able to help him. I also mentioned that we had raised some funds for him and that we will coordinate to meet up in the coming days. Thank you all so much for your kindness, helpfulness and donations! I will post an update about his situation in the coming days. Thank you!!!

29 July 2022: Go Fund Me For Robert, now closed, which raised over $7,000.

11 August 2022: Update: Laundromat letter write Robert says thank you!

Image of two standing men

Caption: Robert (on right) is doing well and today received his GFM. He will be living with family for the time being and using funds to help secure a vehicle. See my comment for more info.

Hi All! Sorry it took me so long to write an update. After the initial post, Robert was hospitalized for a back injury and now has mostly recovered and will be released tomorrow. During the last two weeks I had the pleasure of meeting with him as often as I could, to sit and chat and deliver him fresh books. Robert is an avid reader! He loves anything to do with history (except military history), psychology and anthropology. Robert is a really sweet guy. He has lived an amazing life and has told me lots of stories about the Austin of his childhood and the many adventures he has been involved in –don’t get him started about the time he was hired to pick up 4 chickens from the Austin airport. He has several family members who are now involved in his care and I passed along all the helpful information that was shared by YOU, the good people of r/austin. I have spent the last week navigating how to get the GFM funds to him, which was more difficult that I would have imagined for various annoying (yet necessary for fraud protection) reasons. Today I delivered the GFM to him and he was completely overwhelmed and expressed a TON of gratitude. Robert is planning on using some of his funds to purchase a vehicle and to save the rest for future expenses. His sister was at the hospital today and also expressed big-time appreciation for the generosity of so many strangers. Y’all! I didn’t plan to get involved in this old timer’s life. I simply posted a picture of the letter he wrote, because it seemed heartbreaking and an all too common sign of the affordability issues so many Austinites are facing. I am personally deeply appreciative to all of you who shared kind words, resources and money to help this sweet man. Thank you so much! And they say r/austin is just a bunch of complaining! Y’all the best!


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October 25, 2023