Mother of God, I just got ink on my wife’s favorite quilt.

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20 July 2023: Mother of God, I just got ink on my wife’s favorite quilt.

Click through for image of stained quilt.

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I need to get this out quick and discreet. How tf do I get this out? Thank you in advance.

Damnit!!! it went all the way through. Sheets were washed and dried today, this is just the mattress protector. <image>

Got some on it now, thanks, but there was an old toothbrush laying beside the oxi for scrubbing. Scrubbed it a bit, but doesn’t seem to be coming all the way out yet. I’ll give it time. She’s chillin on the couch. I’m using the bed to prep some packages for shipping rn.

Thank you all, I’m going with the alcohol next, then maybe hairspray

I got some stuff going here, but no not yet. To clarify, sheets had not been put back on the bed yet so it went straight thru the quilt into the mattress cover. I can cover mattress protector with sheets lol.<image>

No no, I got this. Looks like she’s passed out on the couch thank fuck. I’ll get this out, let it dry, then put the sheets back on the bed real quick in the morn. They will cover the mattress protecter and no one will notice the underside of the quilt. Also, will put the throw back on the bed. It’s towards the bottom where the throw goes. It’s simple, got this. <image>

Update: This is about the best I can do for now. It’s 2 am here. Would be up anyway, but I’m bout to have to tap out. Will give one last soak with the alcohol. Wife is asleep on couch. I’ll ease in there and sleep on other side of the sectional. I will show her in the morn lol. Thank you all for the advice! Will update later as well after more cleaning. <image>

21 July 2023: Morning Quilt Guy Update

It’s almost come all the way out. What do you think? I feel like the area around the initial stain is darker. Probably where I rubbed the hell out of it with soap before posting here. It’s still not dry either, changed out sacrificial washcloth under the quilt. I kinda draped an old t shirt over it as I might typically throw one on the bed when doing chores around the house anyway. Went to town to run some errands and when I came back the shirt was gone. Nothing said. She hasn’t noticed lol. We are both off work doing stuff around the house. Wish me luck.

Update Friday evening : sorry guys been super busy today but it looks way better. It’s pretty well dry now. This has been out in the open all day and not a word was said. I think I may be in the clear. Still looks like a train wreck underneath lol. I’m going to try to wash it tho discreetly. We only ever air dry it. Thank you all the advice and hilarious comments along the way. I ain’t dead yet lol <image>

Friday evening update: I put this in my other post too. It looks way better. Think it needs a run thru the washing machine. I will discreetly mention that lol. We only air dry it so no worries there. This has been out in the open all day and wife has been home. Nothing has been said lol. I may be a dead man walking, but so far so good. I know I said Inwould fess up but gonna try to let this ride for now haha. Thank you all! Hope everyone can see this who wants to see it. I got a lot of laughs from your comments too. I will continue to update <image>


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August 17, 2023