Moving to a very limited kitchen… help!

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17 August 2014: Moving to a very limited kitchen… help!

In a couple of weeks I am moving to a new apartment where I’ll be living for the next two years while I am in college. The kitchen does not have a stove or an oven. What it does have is:

  • A two-burner hotplate

  • A toaster oven

  • A microwave

  • A small fridge/freezer (not a minifridge but not full-size either)

  • Lots of shelving and a decent amount of counter space

The place I’m moving to is a small farming town in the Catskills (NY) with a very active local food movement/community, the place I’m moving to is a working farm.

I am going to bring my crock pot, a george foreman grill, an electric kettle and a chemex coffeemaker. What else do you think I should pick up? Got any recipes to share? Anecdotal advice? How do I keep costs down with not much freezer space? Right now all I can think is salads, salads everywhere.

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1 Nov 2014: Update to Moving to a very limited kitchen… help!”

Just posting an update in case anyone is interested or finds themselves in a similar situation.

Thank you guys so much for your replies! There were a lot of great tips :) Unfortunately when I first moved here I was so caught up in everything I fell victim to the dining halls and ate neither cheaply or healthily for a little while. But by the end of september I got my act together and i threw together an album of some of my typical meals, here:

I do still eat in the dining halls on occasion but I am working on losing these last stubborn 20lbs so it’s not that often. I eat somewhat paleo but more of a whole foods” kind of diet: lots of veggies, meat, cheese/dairy (I live at a creamery), as little processed food as possible but I do still eat some (salad dressing, for instance). I try to buy most of my food locally from the food cooperative, which is usually cheaper than going to the only grocery store in town (price chopper) anyways.

Our kitchen has the following items, for reference:

  • 2-burner hot plate

  • microwave

  • toaster oven (with only one and a half or four working heat elements)

  • mini-fridge (my roommate and I each have our own, thank goodness)

  • blender

  • george foreman grill

  • coffeemaker


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