Best Way to Spend Unexpected $75 on Groceries?

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22 March 2022: Best Way to Spend Unexpected $75 on Groceries?

I recently found out that I’m getting $75 a quarter from my insurance company for groceries, a perk” of my newly diagnosed health issue.

I only found out last week, so I have $75 to spend by the end of March. My sister is taking me to the nearest grocery store where I can use my OTC card tomorrow; it’s pretty expensive.

I’m looking for healthy foods to stock up on that I won’t be tempted to eat right away (it’s a problem for me). My health needs are: low sodium, no dairy (other than maybe yogurt), no beans.

I was thinking of getting some protein powder. . . I always think of it as something people use to gain weight, but do people use it to fill up, too? I like making smoothies; I usually just add flax or a flax/chia combo I have.

Currently on my list are no sodium canned beets, all natural peanut butter, sardines in water, frozen spinach, almond milk. . .

Any other ideas welcome. TIA.

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27 March 2022: Update #1: $75 To Spend on Groceries by March 31

Recap: My insurance company is giving me $75 a quarter to spend on groceries because of a new health diagnosis. But I only found out about it about a week ago, and I can only go to a few specific stores. Because I got so many great ideas, I thought I’d share what I bought:

I only spent $40. The store I went to was so crazy expensive. There’s another one nearby where I’ll finish up next week. Walmart is an option, but will have to wait till next quarter. (Too far, I don’t drive)

Here’s what I got:
5 cans unsalted beets. (I put these in smoothies, salads, or just eat them plain.)
5 cans sardines in water (I’ll eat these plain, on avocado toast, with some pasta, garlic, and olive oil…I think sardines are way underrated)
Eggs (I needed them; i got a box of 18 at a decent price. These are a staple.)
2 boxes frozen spinach (I get most of my produce at a bodega)
2 packages extra firm tofu
3 2-quart bottles of seltzer. (I’m stepping down from soda.)
1 pound frozen raw shrimp (on sale, no salt added, and y’all said to treat myself!)
3 bags microwaveable rice (a waste of money, but I’d never seen lower sodium flavored rice before.)

The store I’m going to on Tuesday is much better priced. I’m pretty well stocked on pantry items like regular rice, shelf stable almond milk, and spices, so I’m going to focus on getting some more meat for the freezer.

Thanks to all who made it this far. I’ll try to show what I do with some of the stuff.


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