Anybody forever alone this Thanksgiving? Come eat some bird with us.

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20 Nov 2011: Anybody forever alone this Thanksgiving? Come eat some bird with us.

Hey, dudes and ladies. My boy and I are stuck in the city this merriest of holidays, and we’d like to host a potluck Thanksgiving for some redditors. New friends! Or whatever.

We are two twenty-somethings looking to give back to the reddit community. We recently went on a big ol’ roadtrip, hosted almost exclusively by random acts of reddit generosity, and we want to pay that favor forward. (If you want to read about our adventures and stalk up on us a bit, here’s our on-the-road-blog.) Anyway, he’s a musician, and I’m a classically-trained cook.

I’m gonna be making a fancy, delicious turkey as well as some classic sides (bitches don’t know bout my brussels sprouts), maybe a pie or two. If you can cook something to share, great! If not, that’s okay. Just bring the hooch.

We live in Park Slope, off the F/G. We probably can’t host more than ten or so folks, so let us know soon if you wanna get diggety-down with us. And what you’re bringing, too! No smallpox, please.

EDIT: Alright, folks, we’re at capacity. While we’d love to put you all up, our landlady would probably be not-so-thrilled. Thanks for all the nice things you’ve had to say, and stay tuned for more details. Happy Thanksgiving!

26 Nov 2011: Anybody forever alone this Thanksgiving? UPDATE: with photos!

Happy Saturday, r/nyc!

This Thanksgiving, lkstrat and I hosted a herd of redditors at our place for a giant pot-luck feast. Needless to say to those present, we had a FANTASTIC time! Great food, kind folk, and a ton of booze (seriously, fuck you guys - work was BRUTAL Friday morning).

As promised, here is a collection of photos from this happiest of holidays. Y’all are welcome back anytime, without question! Cheers to reddit and r/nyc for always delivering the good times.


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November 20, 2023