Lost Cat in Danville, Ky

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23 Jan 2021:Lost Cat in Danville, Ky (Bkuegrass Auto Truckstop)

Lost Cat: Calico/Tabby Responds to Lil Bit, Lil Bitty, Little Bitty Baby About 1 year old. Small but a little chunky. If you see her please contact me Immediately!!!

Thrashfan: Poor kitty :( i hope you find her

Pseudo-psyched: Me too. Searched all night and now we’re back at it this morning. Im going to the nearest animal clinic to see if they can keep an eye out for her

12 Feb 2021 UPDATE: Made her way Home after 3 weeks!!! (Click through for cat pictures)

Lost my Lil Bitty almost 3 weeks ago at a truck-stop and she finally made it home! Someone texted us to let us know they found her and we headed straight back to town.

Lil Bitty and her best friend (Sweet Boi) got matching collars now. They didn’t before but after losing lil bit I don’t wanna take anymore chances.

They said they saw my post on Pawboost” and Reddit”! Thank you all so much for helping bring her back!! 🌿🥰

2 Apr 2021: A long drive + warm lap 😌✨The perfect Nap

(Click through for picture of cat napping)


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September 16, 2023