Today’s find is this ring, it was found on the site of a medieval sunken village. However, no idea of the age. Any Info is appreciated!

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9 August 2020: Today’s find is this ring, it was found on the site of a medieval sunken village. However, no idea of the age. Any Info is appreciated!

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ICCW: Any markings inside the band?

DohertyBS: None at all, just smooth and silver in colour.

Moritzthekiller: Hmmm… looks like a very old seal ring to me. Could be medieval because it has no markings and is probably silver

27 February 2023: Update: The ring I found earlier this year has been identified as late medieval dating around 1450. Due to its age and material I am obliged to report it and auction it to museums.

From the comments:

Sunnsheinn: I’m not a detector but simply lurk to see all of your great finds & this is absolutely amazing! Makes me want to give it a whirl myself. But I know better so I’ll stick to ogling your finds instead.

What are the chances a descendant could be found? In another comment it was said theoretically if the initials could be determined it’s possible. Can you imagine if you were contacted about a ring like this that belonged to an ancestor? Is the UK required or would they even consider returning it to a family member? I know, long shot to be sure, but in my fantasy land that would be a dream come true.

Thanks for posting & updating - I must’ve missed first time so especially grateful you posted an update. Absolutely beautiful & you should be proud to be part of conserving history even if it ends up in a drawer” somewhere. Some of those comments rubbed me a bit wrong; possibly because they’re probably right but I don’t want to admit it.

Ok, now go find something else for me to drool over. Ha!

DohertyBS: Thanks for your comment! The Finds Liaison Officer is in contact with local historians and is searching through local records to try and find documentation of wealthy landowners during the 15th century in our area.

Interesting thought about ancestors, I’m not sure there is a precedent in place but would certainly be interested to find out.

History is my biggest love. I’ve studied it and soon I’ll be teaching it so the preservation of historical artefacts has always been my goal in this hobby.

Thanks again!

Laughsfromadistance: Who appraised the ring? Does any jeweler have the knowledge to date the ring or did you take it to a specialist?

DohertyBS: I didn’t feel comfortable taking it to a jewelers because of its age. In the UK we have a local FLO (Finds liaison Officer) who are proficient in identifying objects or know others who are. I sent the ring to be inspected by our FLO who reported back to me.


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September 14, 2023