Job Fair Tomorrow

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Original posts by Adamcapps08 in r/malefashionadvice on reddit.

11 Apr 2014: Job Fair tomorrow any and all advice welcome (click through for image)

A selection of advice:

Please burn that tie.”

Take it off first.”

Thank you. Looking at the picture, just giving it a quick glance I noticed that the tie was in a terrible shape and doesn’t fit you. You need a slimmer tie. You should also look into getting a shirt that fits you better, more slimmed down. The pants .. well, burn them along with the tie. They are a terrible fit on you. Or to quote my girlfriend who’s a stylist … burn that outfit and trim the beard, then get new clothes” (not necessarily in that order). Get up early and go to the nearest mens clothing store, have them pick out something new for you that fits you for, say a job interview, and get that. I’m terribly sorry if you can’t afford that. If you thin that’s too expensive, get a cheap but well fitting sports jacket from a mens clothing store (you should be able to find one for around $50-100 that’s a decent fit) and just wear a nice white T-shirt under that. Also invest in a nice pair of dark blue jeans that you can wear every day. Not only will you look ok at the fair tomorrow, but you will also have started to build a better basic wardrobe :) Sorry for the rambling, and being a bit incohearant, I’ve been out drinking with the student union for a recruitment /job seeking event.“

Thanks for the many suggestions, MFA. I’m going to head out and look for a new outfit and report back while at the store. I’ll most likely also be shaving and possibly go for a hair cut.

Busy afternoon.”

11 Apr 2014: UPDATE (click through for image)

Thanks for the TONS of feed back I got in my last post. I know that the sleeves are a little long on the jacket but considering the short amount of time I had it was the best I could do. The only one that fit and had sleeves that were not too long was too short (so it didn’t exactly fit.)

I definitely feel more confident about tomorrow now.

February 20, 2024