Pot roast or Guinness beef stew for Christmas dinner

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4 Dec 2022: Pot roast or Guinness beef stew for Christmas dinner?

My husband and I are hosting family for Christmas this year. I’m trying to plan a special holiday dinner and looking for a little help. I’m thinking either pot roast or Guinness beef stew. I was thinking I would do mashed potatoes with either dish, a side of buttered peas and rolls. We will be serving 8 adults and 4 children.

Do you have a go-to recipe for either of these dishes? I normally might do a pot roast in our slow cooker but don’t think it’s big enough to do a roast for 12, so I figured I would have to bake in the oven which I’ve never done before. Any tips or tricks? Any other appetizers or sides that would compliment either of these meals?

EDIT — what are the best cuts of beef for these recipes and how much do I get to serve 12 with leftovers?

30 Dec 2022: UPDATE

I posted here before Christmas looking for suggestions and recipes for either pot roast or beef and Guinness stew and had many helpful responses. I ultimately decided to go with beef and Guinness stew based on the many wonderful recommendations I received. I served the stew over mashed potatoes and topped with buttered peas, it came out amazing! So flavorful and the beef was the most tender melt-in-your-mouth beef I have ever made. My sister in law told me that beef stew is her favorite food and this stew was the best one she had ever had in her life, I’m still riding that high! Anyway, just wanted to thank the fine folks who helped me out with suggestions. I appreciate you all!

My finished stew


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December 4, 2023