I’m gifting homemade compound butter for Christmas.

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10 Dec 2023: I’m gifting homemade compound butter for Christmas. Is this enough? Would you be happy to receive this as a gift?

I am making homemade butter using heavy whipping cream and then creating compound butter. Everyone who will be receiving this gift will get about five or more mason jars (8 ounces) of the butter. The flavors will be garlic herb, jalapeño, chive, chipotle lime, blue cheese, and honey cinnamon butter. The honey is actually organic from another family member’s bees! I’m going to be making the gift box as cute as possible. Should I include homemade bread? Is 40 ounces of homemade butter enough for recipient.

Edit: I’ve decided to decrease the amount to 4 ounce tops based on the feedback. I’ll utilize 2 oz jars so people can freeze half and save half. Both sets of my parents and my partner’s parents love to cook- they’re all butter obsessed. My cousin and his gf recently got into cooking. My brother and his gf love to cook. My bff already knows what she’s getting and is plotting the ways she’s going to utilize the butter. The only one with dietary restrictions is myself, other than my grandpa’s diabetes. There is only one child in my family, my niece, and she will be receiving toys and games instead. I think I’m going to gift my grandpa something else too because he’s not the biggest cook but he does love butter- but he’d probably like something else too? He’s the hardest to get gifts for. For his birthday he got homemade magnets from pictures of the air plane shows we go to and that’s been his favorite gift so far.

My family deserves a lot of amazing things but most of them are very “clutter free” except for my grandpa. I wasn’t sure if I was doing enough for them- but based on the feedback, it’s probably too much. So I’ll be cutting down the butter and adding crackers and likely some suggested knife and or butter crock to it! I really do appreciate the feedback. I’m usually more of a lurker and tries posting this on ask Reddit too. It’s rare that I actually do post but I’m happy I did. Thank you all again!

Though I’m not exactly new” to Reddit, I’m not a big poster. I did attempt to post on askreddit, I’m not sure why it didn’t go through. I wasn’t really sure where to post this either. But thank you all for the feedback!

23 Dec 2023: UPDATE

Hey everyone! I really appreciate all of the feedback I received on my earlier post. Even if I didn’t reply to you- I promise I read your message! Our family is celebrating their Christmas tomorrow and then I have one more Christmas with my partner’s family on Sunday! I just thought I’d let everyone know what I ended up doing and then I’ll post another update to this post with how things went!

I narrowed the butters down to three total: Garlic/chive, Jalapeno honey, and honey cinnamon. Everyone is receiving 4 oz mason jars of each for a total of 12 oz total. The butter will go fast because it’s easily spread on bread and utilized in cooking. All of the friends/family receiving them are heavy butter users. Everyone is also getting 8-16 ounces of caramel apple pie moonshine! It can be stored for a long time if they don’t want to use it. For my heavy garlic lovers, they are receiving homemade Toum (Lebanese Garlic Sauce). My bff is obsessed with this sauce at a Mediterranean restaurant we frequent so I know she’ll be hype to get this in her box of goodies! My parents will eat garlic straight and always request extra garlic” at this amazing middle eastern store at the farmer’s market. My parents were CONVINCED the extra garlic came from the tzatziki sauce. So I know this will go over well for them! My niece is getting toys, of course.

For the gift boxes, suggestions of what to use the butter on will be included. I’m also making sure that everyone knows it can be frozen (especially in the glass containers!). I am so happy I had such positive feedback- even if I posted in a biased community like an idiot.

As for my Bapa, we just found out his oral cancer has returned. It really put things back into perspective about the holidays for me. It’s not about finding my loved ones the perfect gift’ but spending time with them. I was the one that took him to his appointment and found out the results with him weds on 12/21/22. I had planned on making him a snack pack of goodies such as his favorite peanuts and jerky but this put a stop to that. He has a tumor pushing on the front of his bottom row of teeth. Surgery is likely, which means another feeding tube. So I ended up getting him a variety of tea and some books about airplanes. Every year we go to the air show that’s about an hour or two away from where we live. Airplanes are one of his favorite things so I know he’ll enjoy that. There is absolutely nothing in this world that I could give him that would be good enough- because my Bapa exceeds all worth. He’s special and important and we’re lucky to still have him. We have such a special connection because he had a cardiac arrest in a parking lot in 2020- I had an incident to that landed us both in the ICU. We hit milestones together. We fought together. No one expected him to make it out. No one thought he’d live. I was the only one that had faith in his stubbornness.

This is getting long so I’m going to quit rambling and just end this on a happy note: I hope everyone has an amazing holiday filled with wonderful people and love! Thanks again for all the input.

Eta: I should say that I’m not looking for feedback anymore on if this is enough or good gifts 😂 it’s too late now! I just wanted to give an update 💜


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December 10, 2023