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25 Jan 2023: Help a clueless wife

Hi! (Sorry for formatting… mobile) My husband is obsessed with this game. I’ve never played it but I love watching him. We recently upgraded from Xbox one to ps5 so for his birthday, I got him elden ring for ps5.

My question to you is what would be a fun way to wrap/present it? For example…During the pandemic, I wrapped his gift like an Animal Crossing balloon gift. Last year, I got him TMNT shredder’s revenge so I got an empty pizza box from domino’s and that was the gift box. But I don’t know enough about this game to make the presentation work. Please help! Thank you!

EDIT JFC, you guys are seriously awesome! I was not expecting this kind of response at all. I was actually preparing myself to be ignored or roasted and left to figure this out on my own.

His birthday is tomorrow (Sunday) but he’ll be home all day so I won’t be able to set up until Monday. Which is fine…I think it will add to the surprise! We’re in the States and he works 2nd shift so he’s usually not home until midnightish. I will update all you beautiful people Tuesday, I pinky promise!

Seriously, thank you all. So fucking much. I’m so pumped about this!

27 February 2023: UPDATE from a Clueless Wife

(click through to image gallery of scavenger hunt)

His birthday Elden Ring scavenger hunt was perfect, thanks to the suggestions from this awesome community.

As soon as he walked in the door and saw the first clue, he asked “why is there a note on the door that says Fort, Night’?” He got to the top of the stairs and saw Dog Ahead” and it started to click. When he saw the Dog”, his eyes lit up and he was like a little kid on Christmas morning following the notes to his present. It was the cutest thing ever! It made both of us so, so happy. You guys seriously rock. I couldn’t have done it without you :)


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August 15, 2023