Getting groceries today, doc said i need to bring my blood pressure down. Sadly I’m a terrible cook. Help?

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19 Mar 2017: Getting groceries today, doc said i need to bring my blood pressure down. Sadly I’m a terrible cook. Help?

So my blood pressure hit 178 over 140 (at 26 years old) and this is really the get your life together” moment for me.

Diet is numero uno, exercise routines are in the making.

The thing is I am awful at making food, especially the healthy stuff. I like spinach and kale and leafy greens (lettuce is too bland though)

I need SIMPLE recipes. I dont have a crockpot but if there were a way to cook a weeks worth at a time I would welcome it.

I like the idea of things like overnight oatmeal but the oats I’ve tried give me terrible gut wrenching gas. Is there an alternative because I wouldn’t mind eating it multiple times per week.

Burrito bowls are cool too but I worry about fat content of even lean beef. Dietary knowledge is little.

Please, any recipes or advice would be a tremendous help.

19 April 2023: 30 days ago I posted asking for a grocery list of foods to help lower blood pressure. I was asked to give an update.

30 days ago today according to the remind me bot I started making an effort to be healthy in order to lower blood pressure. Since, I’ve learned a few things and perhaps others can learn from them too.

I’m not quite at the point where I’ve reliably reduced sodium to under 1500mg a day. It’s not an easy thing to do, even a lot of vegan foods are loaded up with salt. I do exercise when I have a lunch break lined up with a coworker but thats only a couple times per week.

What I have accomplished though I still feel is significant.

  • Mindful eating: I check nutrition labels on everything now.

  • More food prep and altering recipes: I made a really good low sodium curry and learned swiss is lower sodium than most vegan cheese substitutes. Made my first vegan pizza as well.

  • Alter snacking habits: I went from chips and cheetos to these and dark chocolate which took getting used to but now I really prefer dark chocolate.

  • Soylent has also made my life easier!

I have not gone vegetarian, or vegan. Nor have I totally dropped carbs from my diet. I received a lot of conflicting advice but I’m focused on what is healthy and best for me. I do splurge a couple times a week still, I am working on it. Often times pizza and donuts are brought into work for us but I am building my will power and hope coworkers will understand when I have to say no.

Am I healthier for my efforts? I am. My weight is in slow decline, my blood pressure is still high but not as bad. I have decided that I will seek medication and continue my efforts to be healthier and find a happy (healthy) medium between time, effort, and enjoyment. When it stops raining I’m going geocaching with a friend. The weather has been very wet lately but we are both excited for our new hobby (I already found my first one!)

Thank you everyone for taking the time to comment on my previous post. Even if I didn’t take your advice to heart all comments were read. This is an ongoing effort on my part, I have a long way to go but I haven’t fallen off the wagon completely yet!


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September 4, 2023