Found Gold MIT PHD Class Ring

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26 Dec 2021: Found Gold MIT PHD Class Ring - (Owner located soon to be returned) (click through for pictures)

This is a very cool gold ring my friend Freddy found. It took some time and research but I did some computer sleuthing and found the owner of the ring , who graduated with a PHD a from MIT In 1976 ( He actually might be a rocket scientist and is over 70 years of age) and is excited that his ring will be returning to him soon.

NickelNibbler:Thanks to you and Freddy for doing a good deed.

TheDetectorGuy: Thank you, it’s always nice to return an item if possible. I have found hundreds of rings over the years and have returned several myself. Sometimes the sentimental value out ways the ring value. One of my favorite stories that I have heard is of a father giving his daughter a ring with her name inscribed on it for her 16th birthday. He later went off to the war and died, and she cherished that ring. One day she lost it at the local swimming hole. Many years passed and a detectorist hunted that old swimming hole and found it. Being a small town he researched the last name and found a relative, and as it turns out , the girl who lost the ring it was her birthday in a week. It was a special moment when she opened the present and saw the ring her father had given her. It was the girl’s 80th Birthday when she got it back.

GogglesPisano: That’s awesome! Good on you for tracking down the owner and reuniting him with his ring - no doubt it was a prized possession.

Class rings from MIT are known as brass rats” (for the Beaver on the ring, the school mascot, nature’s engineer) and have the letters IHTFP” hidden somewhere in the design (the school’s unofficial motto - I Hate This F****** Place”).


20 Mar 2022: 14k MIT,PHD Ring Returned to Owner (click through for pictures of happy reunion)

He is very happy he got his class ring back!


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September 17, 2023