Cribs, Toddler Beds…and New Siblings

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29 Oct 2010: Cribs, Toddler Beds…and New Siblings

Dear Amy,

We have a 21 month old son and are expecting baby #2 (a girl this time) a few weeks after his second birthday. I am trying to figure out where my children will sleep after the second one arrives. Currently, our son sleeps in a crib and it is great. He doesn’t try to climb out, we put him in there wide awake and he plays for a bit and then goes to sleep on his own. He usually naps for about 1.5 hours in the afternoon and then sleeps through the night with no problem. Don’t worry, he does lots of other ridiculous toddler things so I am willing to take the good sleeping as a gift from the parenting gods.

The pending arrival of baby #2 means we will have to buy another piece of child-sleeping furniture. The question is, what? Should we buy another crib for the new baby so we don’t have to mess with our son’s situation? Should we transition our son to a bed now because we’re going to have to do it someday anyway and it doesn’t make sense to buy a second crib now and then also have to buy a bed a few months later? If we are going to transition to a bed, do we need to do it ASAP to separate the bed transition from the new baby’s arrival?

I should probably add that we are not going to co-sleep, so we do need a new sleeping space for the baby. Also, we intend for baby #2 to be our last, and are planning to give away our baby stuff after this.

I would really appreciate any advice you or your readers could offer. With all the other expenses associated with a new baby, I don’t want to spend the money on another crib if I don’t have to. On the other hand, I am expecting to be sleep deprived enough with the new baby and really want my son to be sleeping through the night. Help!

Thank you,
– R

p.s. I love love love love your blog and advice column and calendar etc. The pregnancy calendar is the first thing I send to a friend after I learn she is pregnant. Thank you for doing what you do, and congratulations on your new pregnancy (except for the puking part)!!

24 Dec 2010:Update

Dear Amy,

I wanted to send an email to thank you for answering my question, since it looks like I missed the window to post a comment (I wanted to wait until I was sure about the result before saying anything). After reading your column and commenters I waffled for a bit, then decided to take your advice and go ahead and try the big boy bed, and gee. It was a total non-issue. I spent a few days watching him on the video monitor like a hawk and the few times he ventured out of bed I got him right back in it, but overall the transition has been super super easy. No regressions. He sleeps great. He loves his big-boy bed (we bought one from Ikea that uses a full size-mattress (that we already had) but only has it a few inches off the floor).

It is funny to me because I stressed about this for months, and it turned out to be no big deal. Just like my husband said it would be.

Damn.So anyway, chalk this up as another win, and thanks again for your advice!


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December 24, 2023