I’d like to invite you guys to a private screening of No Way Home

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30 Dec 2021: I’d like to invite you guys to a private screening of No Way Home.

Good evening Miami, i’d like to invite you guys to a private screening of Spiderman: No Way Home on January 1st at AMC Sunset Place at 4:00PM.

The movie has been out for a couple of weeks by this point, but if you haven’t seen it yet, or if you just want to rewatch it, then here’s your chance!

The showing has already been booked, so all you have to do is show up by 3:45PM on Saturday. The limit of people that can attend is 40, so to keep this a little organized, please drop a comment or shoot me a PM.

Thanks everyone, hope to see you guys there! :)


10:43PM EDIT: Hey guys, so far i counted around 22 people, we’ve got some room left but i’ll need PMs from now on so i can address you guys individually. Thanks everyone, and good night! :)

12/30 4:08PM EDIT: Hey guys, I just addressed the last of the PMs that can fit, unfortunately there’s no more room left for new people. Everyone that dropped a comment explicitly expressing interest has a spot for them, and I will be sending those comments PMs to confirm their attendance! If someone drops out/doesn’t confirm their attendance by tomorrow evening, then i’ll post up an availability, so check on this post tomorrow evening for any updates! Thanks so much for all of the positive comments and PMs, and I can’t wait to host another one of these soon.

1/1 11:05AM EDIT: Hi everyone, if you came back to this post over the last couple days, disregard my previous edit, i haven’t messaged anyone (i forgot lol), so if you didn’t get a message, don’t worry! you’re still good unless you tell me otherwise. i’ll see you all today! look for someone in an off-white (the brand) hoodie (wearing something that will help point out the host in a sea of randoms!)

1/1 3:43PM EDIT: Movie time! i’m outside waiting! :)




Who else is going? Did you rent it for yourself just so you could do the reddit meetup? cool idea might go!


pretty much! i felt like this would be a good way to start the new year, hope to see you there!

13 March 2022: I’m back for ANOTHER private showing! This time it’ll be The Batman!

I had fun hosting a private showing last time, and I’d like to do it again, so here we are with The Batman. It’ll be shown at AMC Sunset on Saturday March 19th, at 8:30PM.

This time it’ll be on a first come first serve basis, so try to arrive around 15 minutes before show time.

If you arrive after the movie time starts, just let someone know at the ticket booth that you’re there for a reddit meetup.

Thanks guys, i’ll see you at the movies! :)


8:32pm UPDATE: Not sure if anyone will read this update but i’m already inside, so go inside and ask about the reddit meetup and they’ll direct you to the movie theater, thanks again guys :)


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December 30, 2023